A unique health and wellness retreat

The Workhouse health and wellness retreat provides you with a total experience to help you enhance all areas of your health and fitness.


Located in the stunning rural landscape of the Cambridgeshire countryside in the UK, this luxury health and wellness retreat has been designed with your personal needs in mind so you can create positive changes to your lifestyle.

Enjoy a luxury retreat

With a variety of exercises and activities to challenge your fitness, and highly nutritional fine-dining to support your goals, at the Workhouse, you will find a retreat that offers an exceptional experience.


Join us on a health and wellness retreat, and you’ll not only see the physical results, but you’ll take part in an exclusive experience with a small number of like-minded people, pulling together to achieve a healthier mindset. You’ll be provided with highly nutritional meals in a private setting of your luxury cottage, where you’ll sleep in complete comfort and tranquillity.


When you leave, we want you to continue on your journey to an all-round healthier lifestyle. Our aim is that you’ll develop your thinking processes to be healthier for the rest of your life.

Make lifelong changes

During your stay, you’ll not only be challenged physically but be mentored, educated and empowered for your future. Creating a strong group community during the week is our objective, and you’ll be led through this by our experienced mentor.


At the Workhouse health and wellness retreat, we cater for all levels of fitness and all ages. If you have any medical conditions that you believe may affect your ability to take part in this fitness retreat, please contact us before you make your booking so that we can discuss it, confidentially of course.


Improved fitness & health

Our health and wellness retreat puts the focus on your health and fitness needs. At the Workhouse, we’ve created a unique, and progressive approach to fitness session so that you have fun and feel empowered to challenge yourself. From this, you’ll see a significant change in your physical abilities and your mental attitude.


Break through your limits

At the Workhouse health and wellness retreat, we take great pride in offering a variety of training so that you get to experience all aspects of physical exercise in different environments. Nothing shows this more than our outdoor assault course that is both fun and challenging.


Real-World nutrition

Nothing says luxury break than fine-dining that delights the senses. During your stay, our specialist chef will prepare three nutritious meals for you each day.


Each meal is prepared on-site with fresh ingredients and served in our luxury dining area. Encompassing all the elements of health and wellness, this retreat will provide you with a real sense of how it feels to live a healthier lifestyle.


Relaxation and tranquility

Clear your mind of the clutter and reset yourself with yoga in the tranquil surroundings of the countryside.


With yoga classes designed to move, stretch and strengthen your body, as well as clear your mind and ease tension, you will feel well rested and calm after just one session.

Your itinerary

The Workhouse health and wellness retreat in the UK is a perfectly balanced blend of fitness and health-related activities alongside more than enough time in your days to relax and enjoy your beautiful surroundings. Below you’ll find the sample itinerary for your stay here.


What you need to bring

At the Workhouse health and wellness retreat, we have compiled a list of essentials you will need to bring on your experience.


Pricing & availability

All prices include your tailored fitness experience, accommodation and meals.