At the Workhouse health and fitness retreat, we provide yoga classes that offer the opportunity to put aside some time just for you.


No matter your experience with yoga, during this retreat you will find our yoga classes to be inclusive and suitable for everybody.


At the Workhouse our yoga classes are structured to settle the mind through breathwork and work the body through physical practice. Connecting mind and body together is what we hope you will achieve during these sessions.

These classes are designed to calm and de-stress you through various relaxation techniques.

While we are aware that there are many types of yoga, we take a progressive approach, using moves and postures from a range of traditional yoga practices to ensure you get the most from your workout, and that it supports any other activities that you may have done during the day.


Yoga is a gentle form of exercise and is perfect for those who need to stretch out any aching muscles. As it is low-impact, it is also suitable for those suffering from any minor injuries.


When you take part in our yoga classes during the Workhouse health and fitness retreat, we know that you will walk away feeling grounded and relaxed.

Health benefits

There are an overwhelming amount of health benefits from practising yoga, which is why it has become a core part of our health and fitness retreat at the Workhouse. Yoga can help improve the physical aspects of our bodies, giving us more strength, flexibility and enhancing our posture — areas that we all need to support so that we can continue to live an active and healthy lifestyle.


You will notice during the retreat that our yoga sessions will focus on breathing deeply and calmly. The yogic breathing techniques we will show you can help you feel more relaxed and balanced and can be used in daily life to help ease stress. Our yoga sessions offer opportunities to focus on the meditative, relaxation side of yoga. Classes focus on gentle breath-led movements to prepare the body and mind for stillness, allowing the body and mind the chance to be free from the physical symptoms of stress.


During your yoga classes at the Workhouse retreat, we will introduce you to the benefits of meditation. Often thought of as a spiritual practice, meditation is merely a tool to help us quieten the mind and allow us to have some headspace from all the worries and anxieties we can go through. Whether you have no experience of meditation, or very little, our yoga instructor will guide you into meditation so that you feel comfortable enough to take part, and can learn the habit for yourself.


Practices to take home

The yoga you experience during the retreat will give you an opportunity to further your knowledge and understanding of the benefits and physical effects of mindfully meditating, counterbalancing the physical symptoms of stress. We believe the relaxation side of yoga is significant and recognise that students benefit from this as much as the physical practice itself.