We’ll design a fitness programme that fits with you and your lifestyle.

Your Bespoke Fitness Plan

Unlike other luxury fitness retreats, we believe when it comes to exercise one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why you’re offered a one-on-one consultation with your You-ness coach Luke as soon as you arrive. Helping you find the sweet spot between taking it easy and pushing too hard, Luke will work with you to develop an exercise programme tailored to your individual needs and ability. Because at our retreat, it’s all about you.

Every aspect of you covered

Feel-good fitness

Whether you’re running or walking, HIIT training or assault coursing – nothing beats the thrill of working out in the fresh air in our 72-acre country estate.

Your programme includes:

  • Assault course
  • Duathlon
  • Rig
  • Exclusive gym

Strength and endurance

Challenge yourself with an array of state of the art equipment and improve your fitness outside the confines of a gym. Your you-ness coach Luke will be on hand to support and encourage you throughout.

You will be challenged through

  • Individual challenges
  • Team based training

Well-being and agility

Our exercise programmes are also centred around wellbeing and you’ll reap the whole-body rewards of positive thinking and mental focus. Regardless of your level of experience, our yoga classes are inclusive and suitable for everybody. Allow our yoga instructor Verity to guide and assist you through a range of postures as you connect mind and body and learn to let go of stress. A highlight of many guests’ experience on the wellness retreat, our yoga classes will leave you feeling grounded and relaxed.

Your programme includes

  • Daily yoga
  • Walks in the local countryside

A better ‘You’, moving forward.

Daily seminars on fitness and nutrition make sure that your journey doesn’t stop when you leave.

Meet Luke


You-ness coach

Luke is your You-ness coach and mentor, on hand to guide, support and challenge you during your stay.

Luke has been involved in fitness all of his life but it wasn’t until 6 years ago he decided his passion would become his career. Being a massive advocate of continuous personal development, Luke is now a keen student not only of fitness but psychotherapy, understanding the importance of psychology when it comes to making positive lifestyle changes.

Have questions?

Absolutely not! We welcome everyone to the Workhouse, no matter of your fitness ability. We work hard to adapt the retreat around your personal fitness levels.

We will ask you to fill out a fitness questionnaire prior to your arrival and our coach Luke will talk through any injuries or illnesses we need to be aware of.

We don’t weigh you at the Workhouse. We don’t operate a “weigh in weigh out” process. We expose you to a vast amount of training modalities and educate you through seminars and constant dialogue so that when you leave you have the tools to implement what is required for you personally.

The retreat is a perfect blend of fitness, relaxation and education. You will take part in up to four fitness based sessions per day which are all tailored to your individual capability. These fitness sessions are all varied and also complimented with lighter more mindful focused activities such as country walks and yoga.

Yes this is absolutely what we encourage. Luke is there to help you in any way needed for your entire stay. There are lots of times during the day and evening where you will have free time, this is where Luke will sit with you on a one to one basis to discuss or demonstrate depending on the subject anything level of detail you require.

This is something we are faced with a lot. We normally find the individual is more capable than they initially think and often it is more of psychological issue. Luke is great at helping with that initial apprehension but if needed he will adapt the session entirely so you are still totally involved but are just using an adaptive protocol.

All food is made fresh on site by our amazing chef Mark. We serve a variety of nutrient dense, wholesome foods ensuring we fuel you with good quality sources of all macronutrients/micronutrients. We also serve tasty healthy snacks between meals.

Absolutely not. Most of the sessions are performed in groups but your ability is not an issue within this. All sessions are designed to account for differing levels of ability and it is only ever you vs you. You are not set up to feel you’re having to keep up with the person next to you or you are letting teammates down etc. Having differing levels of ability within groups here at the workhouse always brings out lots of positivity and encouragement from others. Every single person wants to see the other do well. And remember we all have different strengths so you may find one thing extra challenging where another activity you’re helping someone as you find it a lot easier.