5 Things That Are Ruining Your Workout

Putting in all the work at the gym but not seeing the results you want? Check out these 5 things that you could be doing both in and out of the gym that are ruining your workout.

There is nothing more frustrating than putting in hours at the gym but seeing no results. You could have the best workout plan in the world but there are certain things that you could be doing without even realising that are sabotaging your results.

Are you guilty of any of these?


1. Spending too much time on your phone

We see this all the time in the gym. In the weight section of the gym people do a set and then pick up their phone. They then start scrolling or type a message and before you know it, they’ve spent a considerable amount of time looking at their phone. If this is you, you may want to rethink your phone habits. Not only phone scrolling wasting the time you spend in the gym but it could be ruining your workout. The rest between sets is very important but spending too long can ruin our progress. Our Mentor Luke recommends that for increasing strength, the optimum resting period is 3-5 minutes between a lift. For hypertrophy (making your muscles bigger) the optimum rest period is 45 seconds – 2 minutes.

As well as effecting your performance weightlifting, if you are spending too much time on your phone whilst using the cardio machines you could be effecting the amount of effort you are putting in to using that machine. Without realising it, when you are stuck on your phone your pace may start to drop as your become engrossed in what you are looking at.

Our Advice – Put the phone away and really focus on what you are doing.


2. Incorrect Form

When it comes to lifting weights, many people learn how to do it by either watching others in the gym or watching a video online. Without learning the proper techniques, not only can you cause injury to yourself but you can also hinder any progress. Lifting weights is more than just picking up something heavy and putting it down again. There is the angle of the movement, the time under tension and the range of motion to think about. The way we lift the weight can effect the areas of muscles that are being worked so if you are not lifting the correct way you may not be working the muscles you thought you were and you could be completely ruining your workout.

Our Advice – If you are unsure on how to correctly lift weights then why not book onto our 5 day luxury fitness retreat and bootcamp? Our Mentor Luke will take you through everything you need to know about lifting weights correctly to ensure safety and progress. For more information about our retreat click here.


3. Lifting too heavy

Quite often the weight section of a gym can become a bit like a powerlifting competition. Everyone is trying to put as much weight onto their bar or pick up the biggest dumbbell to look like the strongest in the gym.With this type of mentality the only thing growing is a persons ego and not their muscles! It is not necessary to always lift the heaviest weight you can possibly manage to see the results you want. If your goal is to build strength then you should be focussing on the reps being low and the resistance load being high.

As well as the potential to cause injury, lifting a weight that is too heavy can create incorrect form which brings us back to the point mentioned above. If you are doing a bicep curl with a weight that is too heavy, you tend to swing your arm back towards you to lift the weight. If this happens, then you are not actually using the bicep at all to move the weight but instead using the back and shoulder muscles.

Our Advice – Leave your ego at the door and choose a weight you can lift safely and correct. You should feel the muscles you intend to work out burning.


4. Not pushing yourself enough

Our mind is a lot more powerful than we give it credit for. When we get into the gym for a workout we can either feel really pumped and push ourselves to the max or find that doubt and excuses start to creep in and our workout level diminishes. Maybe you’ve had a tough day at work or you didn’t get much sleep last night. These excuses can be totally ruining your workout.

For those people short on time or those people looking to lose body fat, a HIIT workout is a great option. High-intensity workouts are short but intense bursts of exercise that get the heart rate up and burns fat. During a HIIT workout we should be giving 100% effort during the “on” time and taking an active rest during the “off” time. However, for those people lacking in motivation their “on” time could only be around 60% and their “off” period a lot longer than the suggested time. Not only does this ruin your workout because you are not getting that fat burning effect, but it can also make you feel even more demotivated as you won’t get that post-workout high!

Our Advice – Get yourself to a group fitness class where other people can push and motivated you. Our 5 day fitness retreat and bootcamp is the perfect thing to get you feeling motivated to give 100% and to be pushed to achieve more than you could on your own. For more information about our retreat click here.


5. Post Workout Meal

When you finish the gym are you going home and fuelling the correct way or are you completely ruining your workout by snacking on food that hinder your progress? Just because you’ve been to the gym doesn’t mean that you can order that extra large pizza or that you need to eat more, especially if your goal is to lose body fat.

Our Mentor Luke recommends a post workout meal of carbs and protein. The reasons for this are to:

  • Prevent muscle protein breakdown
  • Increase muscle protein synthesis
  • Restore glycogen stores
  • Enhance recovery

Our Advice: If you are unsure of the types of food you should be putting into your body and the timings of your meals then book onto our 5 day fitness retreat and bootcamp. Our Mentor Luke holds daily seminars in which he shares everything you need to know about nutrition including the best meals to eat before and after your workout. For more information about our retreat click here.


I hope you found these tips on getting the most out of your time in the gym and stopping you ruining your workout. Next time you’re at the gym, if you notice any of these things creeping into your workout then make a change. See how different your workout feels and the differences it can make to your progress.

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