5 Benefits of Working Out in a Group

Group fitness is becoming ever more popular as a way for people to loose weight and get fit. Here are some of the benefits to working out in a group…


Whether you choose to take a week fitness bootcamp or choose to get together with your friends and do a circuit style training session, working out with others has many benefits for both the mind and body. Long gone are the are days of lone gym sessions, now a days its all about the group fitness classes to maximise your results.  Here are our 5 top reasons why you should be working out in a group.


1. Boosts Your Motivation

When you have other people alongside you doing the same workout, it gives you motivation to stick at it and keep going! Just knowing that someone else is feeling the same as you, helps to boost moral. Working out with friends can also have a positive influence on our personal motivation. Not only can this be during the workout, but can also last into the rest of your day!


2. Work harder!

Workouts are designed to be hard to get the results we need. Often if we are by ourselves and things start to get tough, we ease up a little to make our lives easier. However, when we are working out with others we tend to keep going, pushing ourselves for longer. Whether we become extra motivated or have a little competitive streak, when we see others working hard we want to push ourselves to work just as hard (or harder) than them!


3. Make Friends

When you attend the same fitness class or retreat as others, you immediately have something in common – You are all working towards a similar fitness goal! During the class you can support and motivate each other. This can spark great friendships outside of the fitness environment and you may decide on other fitness activities to do together as you share the same passion. You may get advice or tips from others that you didn’t know before and can help them on their road of fitness in return.


4. Have More Fun

Spending hours in the gym on your own can become repetitive and boring which means people quite often loose motivation very quickly. When you workout with others not only do you make friends, but you also laugh a lot more! When tackling tough situations, you know you are all in the same boat so tackle it with moral and humour. You learn to laugh and boost others self confidence by cheering them on as well as receiving it back. Overall, workouts are much more fun when working out with like minded people.


5. Get Quicker Results

The recipe for success is hard work, dedication and enjoyment! When you workout with others you push yourself harder, you are motivated to go for longer and you have fun being around others. You work harder than you would by yourself which creates quicker results! What’s not to love about working out in a group?



I hope all of these points have inspired you to think about working out in a group. There are so many more incredible benefits to working out in a group that you will find once you get started!

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